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Related post: Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 22:39:45 -0700 From: Owen Wright Subject: Redefining Normal CH 7Redefining Normal By Owen WrightHi guys, this is the sixth chapter in what I hope will be a very long series following the journey of Kasey Sanders, the narrator, as he learns to redefine the concepts that construct his world. The disclaimer: There will be sex in this series, and although it will most likely be sparse, those 18 and younger, as well as those who shouldn't be reading this for whatever reason, please stay away for your own good. The password preteen boys characters are purely fictional; any relation to actual people/stories is absolute bullshit. I'm serious.Author's note: Please, enjoy the series, and if you want to contact me, please do so at I'd love to hear your comments, and although I'd rather not hear any harsh criticisms, I'd be more than happy to accept constructive ones. I apologize for the sporadic postings but I look forward to your emails. Even if you haven't read a chapter in a while I hope you can get back into the flow of things and let me know what you think. Thanks guys!Chapter 7: Keith Comes OutIt was a warm day. Now that we were well into April, it seemed that the sun actually peeked through the clouds more often and blue skies were about as common as homework. Today, the sun's gentle rays lit up the field as the lush green grass, fostered by the unrelenting rains, glimmered emerald in its light. There was no mistaking the stark white contrast of the lines the enclosed the field as we set upon it with a singular goal in mind: victory."Ready to kick some ass?" Zeo flashed his trademark grin as we took our places on the field. His dirty blonde hair bounced lightly as he jogged over to me."Always, bro," I bumped nymphets nude preteens his fist before he moved into his position as a striker. James cracked his knuckles as he stood in the goal, silently preparing for the whistle. His long-sleeved jersey covered his muscular stature, but his face of pure determination was tgp preteen babe easily visible.Orion winked at preteen models 3d me from his sweeper spot a few paces behind where I stood as a midfielder, his long lashes fluttering over sapphire eyes; it wasn't something I could see from where I stood, but I knew them well enough to picture it perfectly.Ross's short brown hair glinted in the sunlight, his baseball cap removed for the game, perched on Joni's head underground preteen nudity for luck as she cheered best nonude preteens excitedly next to his parents. Another one of preteenie tasty model our strikers, he stood across the field from Ross, anxiously bouncing preteen nudists photos as he waited for the kickoff.Mikey was in the game as well preteens nudist today. His small frame stood tense; he was nervous, as usual, but ready to help me out as the other midfielder, my counterpart.Before we knew it, the game was underway, the seconds flashing by as the ball moved up and down the field. And each time, the excitement level rose. Our bright blue jerseys complemented the scenery beautifully and mine hung loosely around my shoulders. Soon enough though, it was clinging lightly with sweat, the result of mild exertion as I defended and assisted with the offense as well. It was an intense game.I passed the ball school preteen fuck downfield with a swift kick to Z after dribbling past a defender, light on my feet. He handled it past their sweeper, preparing to take the shot. Their goalie was ready. As Z outmaneuvered the sweeper, their final defender rushed out of the goal to secure the ball as our hearts fell again.The emotion of this sport is intense. So precious few goals scored in so many attempts; even a single mistake could lead to disaster. And one play could spell victory.We were tied at one when the whistle blew for halftime, our coach calling us over the sidelines. Although we'd been subbed in and out to get a chance to catch our breaths, by the time we reentered the field after the short rest, we were all back in shaved preteen teens our starting positions."Watch number 61," coach had pointed out to me, specifically, "he likes to come up your preteens members side of the field and he's going to cut it back to one of the other strikers if he manages to pass you. Jensen, Yamamoto, you're the last line of defense if he gets by Sanders. Lang, you're the other midfielder so watch for that cut across the field."That was the problem with this sport. If I screwed up, only Orion and James would be left to cover my slack, that is assuming Mikey didn't screw up as well. But then again, that was all part of the adrenaline rush I loved, the one I got every time the ball soared through the air and settled on nude baby preteen the green, rolling through the taps and tumbles of our feet.Keith smiled from the bleachers where he sat next to Mom and Dad. He flashed me the thumbs up. preteen pics download He hadn't missed a single one of my club preteen sexy young games, even if they weren't as important as school season. He didn't have football practice on Saturdays and Sundays but it was still nice to know that he would forego his other plans to come and support me. Just knowing that he has faith in me made gigi preteen bikini me want to play harder. I know I don't have to prove anything young preteen pictures to him, because he'll always love me just the same, but I love making my family proud of me. And since I was damn sure proud to have him as a brother, I wanted him to feel the same way. I could tell from his satisfied smile that sparkled white in the 11 `o clock hidden preteens rays that he was happy to be here. And I was sure happy he was here, too.The ball rocketed through the air as a small tuft of grass burst from beneath Ross's cleat; it whizzed right past the clutches of their goalie and sank into the net with the satisfying swish of ball on rope. Score: 2-1.Only a minute was left. They tried to make a pass through me, but the player tripped as he did so, sending the ball skittering into the middle of the field, I preteen pee panties made a mad dash for it, heart pounding as the wind whistled in my ears. My cleats gripped the field lightly as I sprinted for the ball, legs pumping as fast as they could. I sent the ball downfield with a solid blast and Zeo trapped it with his chest, dribbling it downfield with a complicated pattern of footwork that dazed the other team. It was impressive, each of his leg muscles contracting and releasing to allow perfect coordination as he lined up for a kick.At the last second, I saw Ross appear at the backdoor of the goal; Zeo sent the ball voyeur nudism preteen sideways to his teammate as they both rushed past the sweeper. Ross barely received the pass before using his left foot to zip it back to Z, who was still charging, his black soccer shorts masterbating preteen boys offering little resistance as he pounded downfield before taking a hard shot at the goal's bottom corner. The goalie, not fooled by their clever play, was still furious about the last goal and shot sideways like a puma, stopping the ball inches away from scoring us another point.Before I knew it, there were only a few seconds left in the game and we were back on the defensive, the opposing team making their final drive for the goal. Their keeper tossed it to their midfielder, who passed it forward to my arch nemesis (well, for this game at least) number 61. He was blazing fast, and although I stopped him many times earlier in the game, his eyes flared with determination, desperate for one final attempt on the goal. He faked right before faking left and I bit on the latter. He shot past me as I struggled to keep up, guilty with the knowledge that I had failed to defend against him.All I felt was anger as I watched the bright orange of his jersey zip past me from the corner of my eye. I spun quickly, trying to help the defenders behind me, knowing young dutch preteen it was much too late. Across the field, Mikey struggled to keep up with the other striker, his face strained with exertion. Sure enough, he made it through and 61 cut the pass right across the field to his teammate.What happened next was pure luck.I was dropping back to defend the goal as quick as I could, but I knew that it would take a little time before I made it into a hole where I could help at all. I watched Orion's eyes dart back and forth between the strikers as he gracefully sprinted forward to meet 61 in his charge. Almost as if he was waiting for the pass to happen, a split second before he got rid of the ball, Orion fluidly changed his motion to cut him off sideways instead, reading his preteen v girls mind and reacting with incredible coordination.His left foot struck preteens young net the ball with the tips of his shoe as he deflected the pass with a slide tackle, a strange method but an amazing save by any means. The ball bounced dejectedly as 61's friend rushed forward to retrieve it. However, Orion's beautiful save allowed me to drop back in time to cover my foe while Orion's momentum cute preteen loita carried him forward, landing him back on his feet real preteen jpg before shooting out to meet the player who now handled the ball.His incredible speed and maneuverability prevented our opponent from making any forward progress and he attempted to preteen ass belgium pass the ball to the player I now guarded. I zipped past 61 easily to intercept the ball as it rocketed preteen gilgs nude over the green and sent it careening downfield as the final whistle blew.We were all sorts of celebration as we came together at a run. High fives, back slaps, butt slaps, man-hugs, they all ran rampant.What really mattered was a blonde boy in a blue very tiny preteen jersey whose hair glinted golden in the light. His legs were flecked with mud, his toned calves and legs moving in perfect harmony as he sprinted to me, an expression of pure joy lighting up sky blue eyes. He hugged me tightly, his warmth permeating through the light layer of sweat that soaked both of our thin jerseys as I whispered a `thanks' for saving my ass. The moment lasted no more than a few seconds before we had our arms over each other's shoulders, greeting the rest of the team in its happiness.But all I could think of for I can't remember how long as we all came together were three words that kept echoing through my mind. They were whispered in my ear busty preteen stories with a sparkling smile that I couldn't resist, his tenor voice reverberating beautifully through my ears. `I got you,' the blonde had assured me with a wink after I thanked him.If only I knew what he meant.Keith took Zeo and I bowling after the game, which was a nice change of pace, even though the outdoors was really preteen nn info sort of picaresque today. I had a feeling preteen angels thumbs he needed to talk to us about something as we jumped out of his black Tacoma and headed into the local bowling alley."Okay that's bull shit," Zeo exclaimed as I picked up my third strike of the day."Shut up, Z," I preteen thong dreams laughed, "not all of our balls are so attracted to the gutter.""Oh you'll see," he promised as he steadied himself to bowl. Twelve steps, a great swing, and a loud thud later, his miss preteen models ball rolled shakily down the lane, curving to the right. It whispered past the last pin of the ten."Did you see that?" lesbian preteens nude he asked excitedly."Z, you're supposed to hit all ten pins, not just one.""Yeah, but I had to be pretty damn accurate to sniper that one pin," he said convincingly as he `sniped' me with an imaginary gun."Then maybe you should try `sniping' the front pin, Zeo," Keith answered chuckling, "that way the rest fall down, right?"Zeo preteen incest cartoons just shrugged with his trademark smirk. He knew there wasn't much argument against that.Keith picked up a spare before sliding along the alley back to us as I watched the points add onscreen."Nice.""Thanks.""So, guys," Keith started as he handed me the ball for my turn, "there's something I wanted to talk to you about.""I had a feeling," I called out preteen forun as I picked up eight pins."Yeah. Well both of you know that I'm gay.""Yup and we're both totally cool with it," Zeo spoke for us as I picked up the spare, "even though it's really hard to tell and I definitely forgot until you just reminded me.""And I appreciate that, well you being cool with it at least. So I wanted you two to be the first to know that I plan on coming out this week at school."Zeo raised horny preteen boys his hand expectantly waiting to be called on."Yes, Zeo," Keith feigned irritation behind a hardly concealed grin."Dude. It's coming out. It's like an announcement right? Why would it take a whole week?"I raised my eyebrow and waited for Keith's answer, equally confused as I took a seat next to my best friend."Well, when you come out, it's not like a broadway musical.""Although those are pretty gay, too," Z interjected.I reached preteen boys raped around his shoulder and covered his mouth so Keith cute russian preteen could continue speaking."Please continue," I smiled as Z struggled playfully against being silenced, something he didn't take to very well."Like I said, it's not some big production. I'm not going to get a megaphone and announce it to the entire school. I'm going to start by telling a few of my close friends and if anyone asks me I'm just going to tell them the truth. Word spreads pretty polish preteen sex quickly on its own. I'm not doing this for attention. I just want everyone to know me for who I am.""But why now?" I asked, removing my now saliva-covered hand from Zeo's face, "why not just wait until next school year, you know, start fresh?""Well I figure I'm going to be spending a lot of time with my friends this summer and I don't want to have to put up a front anymore. I guess I want to find out who my real friends are before I waste my time on the wrong people. And since it's not like a big announcement I figure it'll just spread slowly, and eventually I can just be myself.""What about football? I know some of those guys are cool and all but some of them are idiots, dude," Zeo questioned."It's just something I'm going to have to face, Zeo. Gotta have courage, right?" he asked, turning his attention towards me."Right.""I just wanted to make sure you guys were okay with it. Kasey, some preteen girlz nude kids are going to make fun of me, and once word gets around, it might affect you, hot preteen thongs too. I just want to make sure you're going to be okay with that.""Keith, I..." I paused as I thought back to the soccer game earlier that day, and how proud I was to have him as a brother, "I don't care what they say.""Thanks, bro. And Zeo, you're gonna back him up, right? Can I count preteen sex modles on you?""Of course, dude," Z responded as he shook Keith's outstretched hand. Since Keith had moved in, we had become really close. Since Zeo was my best friend, a lot of the time I spent with Keith, I spent with Zeo as well. Z was my best friend and brother all in one, and the three of us fit together perfectly. I couldn't explain it really but it just did.Keith told Zeo about his sexuality early on, knowing that he would be spending a lot of time with us and wanting to get it out of the way early. It worked out well, not only for Keith but for me, too, since I knew that if I ever came out to him he'd accept me, too."Alright well now that that's settled," Keith handed Zeo his bowling ball, "we've got a game to finish." Word, preteen chill as it turned out, spread much faster than expected."So I hear that your brother is not only super hot, but also totally gay," Joni's loose brown curls bounced preteens real sex freely as she plopped herself down next to me on the bleachers, bright red lollipop perched between glossed lips.Her friend took a seat next to naked preteenz girls her, a bit quieter but equally attractive. Her hair was lighter than Joni's and fell softly in a sheet instead of curls. Her eyes focused on the game, as if attempting to not invade our conversation. She glanced over at me sheepishly, her hazel eyes refracting different colors simultaneously. I think her name was Summer. And I think she was in my English class. I vaguely remembered her reading a passage from Pride and Prejudice with a voice that was songbird sweet."Where'd you hear that? And who's your friend?" Zeo leaned forward, brushing my shoulder."I heard it from Mikey. Who heard it from Angelica. And you know Summer, she's like my best friend, remember?"Ross saved a ball one-handed on the court in front of us as we spoke, rolling to return to position quickly. His differently colored jersey stood out easily, and although he was short, he was one of the best liberos our school ever had.Zeo nodded his head in acknowledgement.I smiled and preteen cuties porn gave her a quiet `hi.'"So is it true?" Joni pressed on.I was thankful that Summer actually seemed to be completely uninterested in the outcome of the conversation, as if it really didn't matter whether or not my brother was gay. Why hadn't I noticed her before? She was really cool."Yeah, it's true," I sighed, not irritated with Joni, but with the endless onslaught of questioning I went through today.I did as Keith told me to do and confirmed all the rumors but I still wasn't comfortable with the fact that it felt like everyone was judging him afterwards. I must have talked to over twenty people about it today, and each one just tired me out more and more. Still, word was spreading quickly through the school and I was sure that by tomorrow, everyone would know the new kid, "Keith, Kasey's brother," was gay."I secret preteen art hear most of preteen mpg free the girls aren't too thrilled about naked preteen kids it but it doesn't seem like anyone's too judgmental or anything. I'd say the prejudice is low-key here. He's not the first gay to come out but he's definitely the biggest surprise," Joni's pretty face and bubbly personality could fool you but when she expressed her opinion, it was always developed and wordy. It's no wonder she was the perfect study buddy."We talking about Keith?" James's deep voice queried as he returned from the concession stand with a hot dog.Not many teams in Oregon have volleyball teams for men, so our school has to travel a lot to play. Tonight was a rare home game, so we were all here to support Ross, who was the starting libero, despite being a Freshman. Luckily, soccer practice was tomorrow, not today, so we weren't in trouble or anything."Yeah. You heard, too?" Zeo asked as he took a sip of James's Coke."Seems like everyone knows. Cool guy, though. Doesn't change anything," James nodded his approval, "don't think Ross knows about it yet, though."He took a big bite out of his hot dog.We turned our attention back to the court as Ross ran to sub nudes little preteen in for the middle blocker as he entered the back row. His powerful muscles rippled as he jump-served, scoring an ace as the ball soared through the air and brushed against the back line on the opposing male preteen nonnude side."So where are the rest of your friends?" Summer asked, trying make some polite conversation over Joni's loud cheering, "I usually see you all together, like always."She gave a little smile."Well, Orion has a rehearsal for his play. And I think Mikey is here somewhere," I answered, grateful for the change in subject.I returned her smile."I saw him over there," James indicated the corner of the gym as he finished off his food, crumpling the aluminum foil into a ball that preteen asian nonude he stuffed down Zeo's preteen defloration photos shirt."Whoa, is that Cheyenne Freeman?" Joni asked as Zeo whipped it back at James."Yup," James smiled as he watched Ross pancake a ball that dribbled off the tape of the net."He's gay preteen sites had the biggest crush on her nonude preteen underwear forever," Zeo replied, "and he's sitting with her? I'm so proud.""I heard that he's preteen thumbs fuck been helping her study for a couple of the classes they have together," Summer informed us, "I think she really appreciates it. She might even like him.""But remember that she's smart, too, so she might not actually need help. Maybe she just wants to hang out with him," Joni winked."Remind me to give that kid the biggest congrats next time we see him," Zeo replied, grinning with pride.I watched as Mikey cracked a joke that made her giggle, her blonde ponytail bobbing. He was facing his fears and taking our advice and now, he was sitting with his dream girl. I hoped for the best. "So why did they call it the Great Depression?""I don't know, Z. Maybe everyone was sad that they were broke.""Makes sense."Zeo and I conversed our way out of our American History class as the lunch bell echoed through the halls. Headed to the dining area, our progress was impeded as usual by the streams of students rushing in the same direction. I kept getting weird looks from people, as if they were straining to recognize my face; by now word had spread throughout the entire school and I was sure there were very few people petit preteen left that didn't know about Keith.We were underground russia preteen in the lunch line when it happened. I preteens posing naked was scanning the crowd for any sign of our friends, and spotted Ross's bright blue baseball cap a russian naked preteenz few yards away. Z was busy talking to nude preteens 3d another kid in our history class. pure preteen nudism I was waiting for him so we could head over to Ross when I heard a harsh whisper grate against my ear."So I hear your brother's a faggot."I turned back to see Brian Kearney, a stocky boy from the grade above me poised menacingly behind us in the contest picture preteen lunch line. His beefy arms were nymphets preteens links only outmatched by his protruding belly; a solid lineman, he played on the team alongside Keith. Unlike Keith, he was preteens fucking preteens clearly homophobic. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was one of the few students that grew up in the country before moving here. His redneck parents probably shared his opinion."What did you just say?""You heard me. You a cocksucker like him?" he taunted as the people around me started edging backwards, giving us some space.I felt Zeo's worried breathing behind me. He was going to let me handle it for now but I knew he was about to step in at any moment."I don't know who the hell you girlspreteen think you are but it's about time to you shut up and walk away."He laughed in my face."Walk away," I warned levelly.I guess I didn't know that he didn't like to be ordered around because that was the last straw for Brian preteen in pantis Kearney.He caught me with a quick jab with his left before I was able to duck under his right hook. The next few moments were a blur and seemed to jumble together. As I caught him with a solid uppercut, Zeo roundhouse kicked him in the face.I must have gotten hit again before or after that because the next thing I knew, I was picking myself off the brazilian preteens ground as our vice principal gripped my arm strongly and led me in the direction of his free preteenz movies office. The last thing I remember as I left the cafeteria preteen beauty forum was Ross's expression. His face read shock and surprise, but his position showed that he clearly made no move to help us. Maybe he had found out that Keith was gay after all. Maybe he shared Brian's preteen imgboard nudes opinion. "Sorry I'm late guys! Our experiments had a little mishap and we-what naked preteen thumbs in the world is wrong with your face?" Dad rushed over to inspect my now very black eye. He was taking off his coat and rushing to join us for dinner when it distracted him."It's my fault," Keith replied guiltily as he pushed around the salad on his plate.Dad clearly didn't believe him, "what? You punched your own brother in the face?""No, I preteen mpeg archive would never," Keith replied earnestly. This, Dad believed."Kasey got into a fight at school today," Mom broke the news matter-of-factly, as if she were the news anchor for the evening Sanders broadcast.I'd avoided her since I came home but she knew about the fight; Vice Principal Barkins called the house after lunch. She hadn't said anything until now, though, so I wasn't sure how she felt about it."A fight?" Dad took his seat, the wood legs of the chair groaning against the ground as he slid in, "you know how we feel about violence, Kasey. Doesn't solve anything."He scooped a few helpings of meat loaf onto his plate."So what was this fight about?" he questioned through a mouthful of mashed potatoes, his attention on the full plate in front of him."Well, this guy, Brian Kearney, he's a real douche bag.""Kasey," Mom scolded with her salad-full fork before putting it in her mouth."Sorry, Mom. He's a real...mean guy. Zeo nn preteens samples and I were in line for lunch when he came up behind me and started calling Keith a...a f-word and all kinds of stuff and I just couldn't let him do that."Dad nodded in understanding as he chewed his food. Mom, on the other hand, still wasn't convinced I'd behaved accordingly."So you and Zeo decided to rough him up?""No, mom. I told him to shut up and walk away. Then he hit me.""He hit you first?" Dad asked, his mouth full of beans. I swear, the one time I actually get into trouble and my Dad still acts like I'm just sharing my day at school."Yeah, it was self-defense from there."Mom raised her eyebrow."His face is so swollen the vice principal didn't know who he was.""Well, that was probably Zeo's foot. I just punched him in the...I get it," I stopped recounting as Mom had been giving me `the look' the entire time, like I did something wrong, "okay so we probably went a little too far. I'm sorry. I was just so angry.""We get that," Dad assured me, "what he did was really, what was that twin preteen girls word you used? Douchey.""Thanks, Dad. But please don't use that word anymore.""Right. Anyway, point is, you went too far so apologize tomorrow and only resort to violence preteen british titts if it's seriously the last option."Mom looked unhappy but satisfied, like that covered pretty much everything she was going to say, but she was still upset I punched someone."Hey Kasey? I appreciate preteen kinky girls you sticking up for me and all but don't feel like you ever have to fight anyone for me, alright? I've dealt with this before, and I really really can't let you get hurt for me, okay?""Okay," I conceded. Seems like everyone was on my case tonight."But thanks," illegal japanese preteen Keith grinned, "I'm pretty sure everyone will think twice before saying stuff like that again.""So, Keith?" Dad turned his attention to his other thailand preteen nude son, "you haven't had any other trouble with this coming out stuff?"Dad and Keith had bonded a lot since the time he arrived on our doorstep. Nothing could make up for the 16 and a half years that they missed from each breast and preteen other's lives but they were certainly making progress. Keith had even gotten grounded last month for coming back a little after curfew, something he took in stride. We were functioning like a real family, strangely enough."A few kids on the football team made some comments at practice today but the other kids stuck up for me. Nothing as bad as Kasey's situation, though. I talked to coach today, too."Dad nodded in assent as he shoveled down some salad."He said that he was fine long as I was careful," Keith said meaningfully as Mom and Dad seemed to understand what he was saying on a different level than I did.There was still something about Keith that I didn't know."Yeah, Coach made sure the team was okay with it. He didn't tell them everything but he talked to them about being gay and their teammate and everything. It turns out I wasn't the first one either. Jason, our free safety, is gay, too.""That's good, Keith," Dad nodded encouragingly."You two can always talk to us, you know that," Mom added sincerely.Even though Keith wasn't hers, Mom had been a true, well, Mom to him over the past few months. She tended to his bruises from football and always made sure he was well fed and prepared for school. He even let her read his major papers for grammar."Thanks, Mom."Everyone was being strangely calm about the situation. In fact, they were acting weird ever since Keith moved in. Normally Mom would have flipped out if I came preteen nonnude pictures home with a black eye and Dad would have been in a panic. They weren't, though. And they were even totally cool with the fact very candid preteens that me and Keith spent so kitty preteen model much underage teeny preteen time together. I figured they'd miss me a little at least; I mean, we had fun together as a family a lot but usually they ask me to be home more if I'm out this much.Maybe it had something to do with Keith's past and his mom dying and everything that just made everyone love him. He still kept most of it very secretive, though, and I wondered when he would finally tell me what was going on. For some reason, I had a feeling that Mom and Dad knew and they just weren't telling me. In any case, I wanted to know soon.After dinner, Keith and I finished our homework relatively fast so we cleaned up our school stuff and set up the monopoly board on the table. Mom brought me an ice pack that I applied gently to my eye that still smarted.Then my nose caught a familiar smell that made me feel ten times better than the ice pack: snickerdoodle cookies. She must have forgiven me, because she was back into "caring mom mode" and she knew that nothing made me feel better than those cookies.We munched on them as Dad crushed us in Monopoly, taking russian sucking preteen over all of the major spots on the board before we even had a chance. Mom feigned anger as she ended up in jail for the second time; Keith laughed as preteens models men he handed money over to Dad after black preteen models landing on his hotel space. I wouldn't trade this family for anything, I thought to myself. We were the new "normal." "Hey locker buddy," Orion smiled coyly as he nudged my shoulder."I thought we were past that stage already," I shot back playfully as I whirled my combination lock."Right. And since our friendship has reached a new high, I believe I am entitled to tell you that what you did yesterday was very impressive.""So you heard about that, huh?" I grimaced, pedo pics preteens finding only satisfaction twinkling in his sapphire eyes."Oh yeah. Joni's not exactly the type to keep secrets, and she saw the whole thing."I grinned knowingly."It's just awesome that you preteen preteen preteen stood up for your brother like that. Even though you're younger and everything. And when I heard what the fight was about, I was glad to see brave...about that," he paused intermittently, as if carefully choosing his words."Thanks. But I think anyone would have done the same," I replied humbly, trying to keep my cool as I felt a slight flush rise up my cheeks to preteens fisting my untidy brown bangs."Not true," Orion insisted, "it takes a special guy to nude teeny preteen take a stance like that. especially about...that issue."He looked down at his bright blue Chuck Taylors, which he rubbed together nervously; it was the first time I had seen him in such an uncomfortable state."Look. I just wanted to say thanks, it was brave. I'll see you at practice, alright?" he forced an unsure smile before turning and adjusting his backpack as he shuffled away.I wasn't sure exactly what he was thanking me for, but I hoped it was what I thought. In that instant, I not only defended my brother, I defended the principle of the issue, I defended all gays everywhere. I defended us.And as I saw a bright nude preteens forum blue baseball cap disappear around the corner, I realized there were definitely some people who weren't willing to do that."Hey, Ross! Wait up!" Author's endnote: Yes, friends, it has definitely been a while since the last posting. An entire semester of college! I was very busy and to tell you the truth, three-fourths of this chapter preteens modeling nude sat on my computer for all of those six months, and I apologize for taking so long to get this out.Thank you for all of your emails, and support, and I want you to know that I really do read all of video russian preteen the messages I get and I appreciate every one of them.Again, I apologize that it takes me so long to write up the new chapters but please believe me when I say it's the editing and revising that takes up the most time. I want this to be an amazing story for all of you to enjoy, and I go over each chapter multiple times to make sure that happens.For those of artistic nudes preteens you who wish slut preteen to email me, please do at this address.superwrighter13gmail.comThe emails actually inspire me to work faster and more often on the story. In fact, one of the main reasons this chapter was just posted is that I received a few emails in the past week that reminded me to get back to work to get this to you folks!Keep emailing in that support and continue to enjoy the story.Love always, Owen WrightP.S. The next two chapters are the culmination of this entire wait! I will try to post them together, because unlike babe preteen other chapters where the plot line ends with it, these connect and I don't want you all to hate me because of the suspense. But for those of you who love model preteen pixs suspense, here's a hint at the next two chapters: in the next chapter, there will be a surprising kiss, and in the one following that, a secret plot. I hope that keeps you all hooked until next time! And it won't be so long, I promise!
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